Heather Fawcett lives in Ontario, Canada, and her first book, a young adult fantasy novel, was recently published and was greeted with rave reviews. “Fawcett brings snow-capped mountains — and their baleful secrets — alive in this magical, atmospheric debut,” wrote Evelyn Skye, the New York Times bestselling author of “The Crown's Game.”

The title of the epic fantasy is “Even the Darkest Star” and is the first book in a duology (a pair of related novels).

The protagonist in this novel is Kamzin and she’s obsessed with mountain climbing. Kazmin’s goal is to be one of elite climbers on behalf of the Royal Emperor, not just the second daughter of the Elder. What she needs is an opportunity to reach her goal. Kamzin wants to follow in her mother’s footsteps and explore the unexplored mountain Raksha, the tallest and deadliest mountain in the Aryas.

When the greatest explorer ever known, River Shara, arrives in Kamzin’s small village of Asmiri, he demands to hire Kamzin for his next expedition. If she accepts, Kamzin must climb the mountain of her dreams, Raksha. When Kamzin’s sister, Lusha departs on her own quest, with a rival explorer, to climb the deadly mountain, Kamzin must decide if she wants to protect her sister or reach the summit first.

To find out more about Kamzin’s challenges with avalanches, ghosts, ice chasms and dark secrets, read Fawsett's “Even the Darkest Star.” Her debut novel is available at the Knox County Public Library.

Heather Fawcett chairs the Asperger Syndrome parent support group of Ottawa, which provides information and support, social skills programs, and advocacy to 400 family and professional members. She is a writer and parent of a teen with Asperger syndrome. Heather has bachelor's degrees in English, applied studies, and psychology from the University of Waterloo (1985) and Carleton University (2001.)

The author describes herself as “often annoyingly outdoorsy.” Her protagonist’s love of the outdoors is a reflection of Fawcett’s own. Born in Vancouver, Fawcett has spent extended periods of time in Italy and Ireland. Her favorite authors include Maya Angelou, Diana Wynne Jones, and Charles Dickens. Fawcett said she loves “wordy, twisty Victorian novels with sentences so long you get lost in them.”

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