The following awards were presented to students at North Knox Junior High School:

Seventh grade

Achievement and attitude awards:

Tammy Meurer — Language Arts

Achievement: Cora Armes, Sharaya Wolfe and Olivia Halter

Attitude: Nathaniel Salazar


Achievement: Kaelyn Rode and Olivia Halter

Attitude: Grayson Conrad, Ian Frederick, Ethan Stanczak and Brycen Feldman

Jody Noland — Science

Achievement: Olivia Halter

Attitude: Nathaniel Salazar

Jill Doades — Social Studies

Achievement: Sharaya Wolfe

Attitude: Cora Armes

Bonnie Organ — Advanced Pre Algebra

Achievement: Briley Utt, Daisee Cardinal

Attitude: Lucy Sheren


Achievement: Jorja Price

Attitude: Alexis Coan

Matt Houchin — P.E.

Achievement: Cora Armes and Dallas Cardinal

Attitude: Briley Utt

Kristi Utt — Digital Citizenship — Semester I

Achievement: Daisee Cardinal

Attitude: Madison McCory

Digital Citizenship — Semester II

Achievement: Sidney Kahre and Sharaya Wolfe

Attitude: Lauren Wolfe

Libby Gardner — Art

Achievement: Cora Armes

Attitude: Ethan Stanzak

Eighth grade

Achievement and attitude awards:

Monica Blair — Language Arts

Achievement: Emma Saucerman

Attitude: Avery McCoy

Tammy Meurer — Reading

Achievement: Ava Williams, Emma Elkins, Emma Saucerman, Makay Burress, Geneva Halter, Abby Irvine and Reegan Hammelman

Attitude: Angela Baker, Shelby Shaw, Tess Rent, Daniel Leydett

Megan Christian — Science

Achievement: Emma Saucerman

Attitude: Geneva Halter

Matt Hill — History

Achievement: Geneva Halter and Emma Saucerman

Attitude: Emma Elkins

Andrea Chattin — Math

Achievement: Skyla Davids

Attitude: Brooklyn Evans

Theresa Pahmeier — Algebra

Achievement: Geneva Halter

Attitude: Emma Elkins

Clint Roesler — P.E./Health

Achievement: Jacob Misiniec and Emma Saucerman

Attitude: Daniel Leydet

Juli Lorig – Choir

Achievement: Daniel Leydet

Attitude: Reegan Hammelman

Libby Gardner – Art

Achievement: Emma Elkins

Attitude: Kendylle Blessinger

Debbie VanderMel – Band

Participation: Raegan Vickers, Madi Deckard, Serena Farrell, Skylor Mudderman, Angela Baker, Dorrie Winemiller, Rebekah Pemberton, Skyla Davids, Hope Westfall, Jessica Floyd, Ian Frederick, Ethan Stanczak, Phoenix Koenig, Kylie Kirgan, Brycen Feldman, Grayson Conrad, Abby Irvine, Cody Hawkins, Mac Memering, Xavier Phillips

Outstanding eight grade athletes: Emma Saucerman and Jacob Misiniec

Outstanding eighth grade academic students: Emma Elkins, Geneva Halter, Reegan Hammelman, Emma Saucerman and Ava Williams

Principal’s Award — based on academic performance, behavior, and involvement in school activities: Reegan Hammelman and Devan Kent

Geography Bowl winner: Geneva Halter

DAR Good Citizenship: Emma Elkins and Daniel Leydet

Perfect Attendance: Olivia Halter, Geneva Halter, Abby Irvine and Anden West

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