Like a lot of you out there I really enjoy reading. The problem nowadays is trying to find time to sit down and read I have a family and a career. I was thinking in 2019 how much I missed simply reading a book. So, I made it one of my 2020 goals to try to read six non-work related books this year. That doesn’t sound like that much, but when all you do is read for work and have a two year old at home, it is tough.

What I had done through undergraduate school and law school when it came to reading was purchase books on Amazon because you can generally buy them for cheap and you get to keep them. The recent problems I have had with purchasing books on Amazon is that I start them and basically forget about them and lose focus because of family and work activities I came up with a new plan this year. I’m borrowing them from the Library. So far, it’s worked out great!

Like most people I like to come home and basically sit on the couch and watch TV with my wife. However, borrowing books from the library has taken an interesting turn for me. Unlike when I bought books on Amazon and forgot about them, the library books have a due date which keeps the book constantly on your mind. The process of checking out books and having to return them has had a great effect on my reading schedule. It has really kept me up on reading my books! The best way I can break this down is it is like the difference between just exercising by yourself or joining a gym. When you just exercise by yourself it’s easy to let yourself slide.

However, when you join a gym it really makes you want to keep going because you’re more invested in the process. It’s essentially the same thing when you borrow a book versus buying it online. It is only halfway through March and I have already read two books. I think it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made.

For all of the people out there my age who have not borrowed a library book in a long time and just buy online, use the Library process to keep you hungry about your reading ... it really works!

Andrew Kopatich the attorney for the Knox County Public Library board.

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