Although I am a diehard fan of fiction — I love to totally escape into another world — I have recently felt the urge to start catching up on all those bits and pieces of history that I’ve missed along the way. It is always fascinating, and sobering to realize how much I don’t know.

I’m sure I was introduced and taught many of these topics, but never really understood them. I have turned to adult literature in hopes of fitting the pieces together, but with a busy schedule and short attention span, I have quickly returned to the distracting comforts of fiction.

Recently, however, I was checking in books and a somewhat satisfying solution occurred to me in the form of children’s literature. I discovered a non-fiction series by Jim O’Connor. These small readable paperbacks explore all types of experiences and individuals who have impacted lives throughout time. They are not designed to overwhelm, but rather to welcome the reader.

Upon opening the cover, I discovered how incredibly easy the pages were to navigate! Of course, you can read them from cover to cover, but if you’re only looking for specific information, they are designed so you can find it easily.

O’Connor’s books entice readers, both adult and children, to gather information and answer questions on everything from King Tut to the Rolling Stones. Do you ever want to know more about Bill Gates or Gloria Steinem? These books answer questions quickly and concisely with the added bonus of 16 pages of photos in each book.

As I stated earlier, they also provide surprisingly in-depth journeys back to events that have shaped our nation. What was the Great Depression? What were the Salem Witch Trials? You pick the questions and then find one of these books to lead you to the answers.

Finally, here is the really good news: they are so easy to find! Simply climb the stairs to the Youth Department, walk straight back, and there they are, lined up on top of the biography book shelf.

So, what’s stopping you? Try one today!

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