Save a short reprieve on Saturday, this heat wave doesn't look to be going anywhere anytime soon, according to meteorologists with the National Weather Service.

Highs so far this week have climbed into the lower 90s, and with a dew point near the 70% mark, it often felt closer to 100 degrees.

Seasonable highs this time of year are typically in the lower 80s, according to Marc Dahmer, a meteorologist with the NWS in Indianapolis.

“But there is a bit of relief coming,” he said. “Not a lot of it, not by a long stretch of the imagination, but relief nonetheless.”

This heat, he said, has been brought on by the jet stream moving farther to the north, thereby allowing a high pressure ridge to settle in right over our area.

Dahmer said residents here can expect a high today of 88 degrees, and with dew points in the upper 60s, it's likely to feel even warmer. But a storm system will move through to the north mid-morning, he said, bringing with it a welcomed front of cooler air.

Storms and precipitation are possible here, he said, but only about a 20% chance.

“We're really not expecting much,” he said, “in the way of rain.”

The front will, however, usher in cooler, less humid air — at least for Saturday.

“That system is going to throw a cold front into our area, bringing temperatures back down,” he said, “although still above normal.”

Meteorologists are calling for a high Saturday of 86 degrees, and while that might not sound like a huge shift, the dew point will be lessened as a result of the front, thereby allowing for a more comfortable-feeling day.

“If you have anything you need to do outside, Saturday is the best day to get it done,” he said.

That's because the mercury will rise yet again on Sunday as meteorologists are calling for a high back up in the upper 80s, if not lower 90s. And with dew points rising again into the middle 60s, it will feel even warmer.

“And that pattern looks to hold for awhile, at least until next weekend,” Dahmer said. “It will likely be (Sept. 21-22) before we see another a decent cool down.”

Meteorologists are calling for highs all next week in the upper 80s and lower 90s. Highs next weekend, however, look to drop into the upper 70s, according to the long-term forecast.

“But that's still seven days away,” Dahmer said, “so I can't say for certain.”

Hot, summertime weather, however, isn't abnormal for September; the first day of fall isn't until Sept. 23, after all.

“It's typically late September or early October before we really start to see that first swing to cooler conditions,” he said. “Once we get into these (seasonal) transition months, these kinds of patterns — one week up, one week down — aren't that unusual.

“It's just the natural ebb and flow of the seasons.”

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