Nearly 3 inches of rain fell in about an hour’s time Saturday, filling low-lying areas and intersections with water and causing at least some brief flash flooding.

Hunter Pinnell, levee superintendent with Vincennes Water Utilities, said most areas of Vincennes saw at least 2.5 inches of rain during the day.

Aaron Updike, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Indianapolis, said spotters just east of the city reported about the same; other areas reported 2 inches of rainfall.

Problems, however, were short-lived.

“Any issues we had were resolved pretty fast,” said Kirk Bouchie, general manager of Vincennes Water Utilities. “I think the northern side of town got hit harder, with more rain.

“And I say it all the time, you just can’t build a storm system big enough, especially along Sixth Street, to handle that much rain that fast,” he said. “I think the proof that we do have adequate drainage along there is that within an hour, maybe less, it had all drained off.”

Pinnell, too, said Saturday’s heavy rainfall isn’t likely to raise the level of the Wabash River very much. Current forecasts are for it to reach just under 9 feet — still well below official flood stage — by mid-week.

“So if it stays dry, we shouldn’t see any problems at all,” he said.

Meteorologists are, however, calling for more rain today and through the rest of the week.

This week brings with it a pattern of hot, humid weather, and as the clouds clear and ground heat builds throughout the day, there is the potential for scattered storms, Updike said.

The greatest chance for heavy rain, he said, is today.

“With this kind of (weather pattern) it’s hard to say which areas will be hit and how hard,” he said. “We’ll see these pop up thunderstorms that develop. It’s hard to pinpoint, but the environment is right for those to develop and produce some decent rainfall amounts.

“Nothing severe is expected, but (Knox County) is looking for at least a 60-70% chance of rain today.”

The greatest chances for rain, he said, will be this afternoon and evening.

Temperatures, too, will remain hot and humid for the next several days.

The highs for this week, Updike said, will be in the upper 80s with low-90s possible by week’s end.

The Fourth of July, too, looks to be hot and humid with a high of 93 degrees expected. And with it, about 80% humidity.

“We’re still five days out, so things could change, but it will be hot, mostly sunny with highs in the lower 90s,” Updike said. “It should be relatively dry, maybe a few spotty showers and thunderstorms, but those would be very isolated.

“If that holds true, you won’t want to be outside for a long time without any hydration.”

The city of Vincennes has cancelled its annual Fourth of July parade and downtown celebration due to concerns surrounding the continued spread of COVID-19.

However, the fireworks, which are sponsored each year by the local American Legion post, have been moved to Richard Bauer Drive, one of the cities highest points, so residents can find areas and watch from the safety of their own vehicles.

Those will begin, as usual, at dusk.

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