February/March Inspection Report

Establishments with no violations:

La Fiesta, 2222 N. Sixth St.

Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom, 529 Main St.

Dairy Queen Brazier, 103 N. Sixth St.

Only Forever Art Studio, 1221 Wabash Ave.

Jimmy Johns, 2361 N. Sixth St.

Lic’s Deli and Ice Cream, 2815 N. Sixth St.

McAlister’s Deli, 2720 N. Sixth St.

Subway, 2726 N. Sixth St.

Hibachi Super Buffett, 2021 Hart St.

El Corral Mexican Restaurant, 630 Kimmell Road

Applebee’s Neighborhood Bar and Grill, 609 Kimmell Road

Benjamin Franklin Elementary School, 2600 Wabash Ave.

Glenno’s Corner Cafe, 1402 S. 15th St.

Casey’s General Store No. 2271, 1902 Willow St.

Horton’s Fish, inspection of fish bus, 423 S. 15th St.

Olde Thyme Diner, 331 Main St.

Graze 1885, 116 Main St.

The Cafe Moonlight, 512 Main St.

Vincennes Pub-N-Grub, 15 S. Fourth St.

The Verne Store, 5749 E. Ind. 61

South Knox Middle/High School, 6136 E. Ind. 61

Francis Vigo Elementary School at First United Methodist Church, 411 N. Fourth St.

Francis Vigo Elementary School at Free Methodist Church, 1423 N. Fourth St.

La Montana Mexican Restaurant, 427 W. 11th St.

Paul’s Tavern and Family Restaurant, 1002 E. 11th St.

Good Samaritan Hospital Cafeteria, 520 S. Seventh St.

Good Samaritan Hospital Coffee Shop, 520 S. Seventh St.

Captain D’s No. 3646, 2713 N. Sixth St.

Casey’s General Store No. 2828, 5844 Freelandville Road, Oaktown

The Melon Patch LLC, 9423 N. US 41, Oaktown

Establishments with violations:

Papa John’s Pizza, 2365 N. Sixth St.

Six non-critical violations: Cooler with sliding doors in prep area has food accumulation; oven hood has heavy build up; oven observed to have heavy encrusted accumulation; computer keyboards have heavy food accumulation and build up; monitors and cords over food prep area observed to have heavy accumulation of dust and food debris; general cleaning of entire establishment needed.

Follow-up inspection

One non-critical violation: oven hood system still observed to have heavy dust and grease accumulation.

Violations corrected

Taco Bell, 2326 N. Sixth St.

Three non critical violations: brooms, mop buckets and cleaning implements observed to be stored in a manner that does not facilitate cleaning of storage area; clamshell grill at drive-thru has black encrusted build up on outside of press; all refrigerator doors and warming cabinet doors have encrusted food and grease

Five critical violations: food residue observed on hand wash sink; tables and chairs observed to have food residue; clamshell grill at drive thru has thick layer of black build up on food surface; food prep area not sanitized prior to food preparation

Follow-up inspection: violations corrected.

Dutch Pantry LLC, 1925 Hart St.

Two non-critical violations: improper mop storage observed; lighting in food prep area observed at approximately 25 foot candles

One critical violation: harborage conditions observed in kitchen

Violations corrected.

Taco Bell/KFC No. 20866, 2701 Hart St.

One non-critical violation: general cleaning of establishment needed

Violations corrected.

Dogwood Barbeque, 2232 N. Sixth St.

Four non-critical violations: handles of equipment observed to have thick accumulation of food build-up; clean utensils observed to be stored in a manner that allows food and food debris to accumulate on the utensils and in their containers; nozzles of soda fountain observed to have pink and brown build-up; general cleaning of establishment needed; food and debris accumulation observed throughout kitchen and under racks.

Six critical violations: food in walk in cooler observed to be between 52 and 54 degrees; no date marking observed on previously cooked and refrigerated food; improper method of cooling observed in walk in cooler; personal food items observed to be stored above uncovered pies for establishment patrons; hand wash sinks observed to have food build-up; chemicals observed to be stored with clean dishes

Follow-up inspection: Violations corrected.

Dollar General Store No. 1834, 2526 N. Sixth St.

Two non-critical violations: separation of distressed food from retail food required; food observed to be stored in bags for return in retail coolers; milk cooler observed to be heavily soiled with spilled products.

Violations corrected.

Fazoli's, 2322 N. Sixth St.

Three non-critical violations: general cleaning observed to be needed in seating area, tables, chairs, high chairs and floor; all refrigerator and warming cabinet doors and handles observed to have food accumulation; light fixtures have heavy dust accumulation in atrium seating area

One critical violation: hand wash sink must be maintained clean

Violations corrected.

Steak N Shake, 1277 Hart St.

Six non-critical violations: observed large amount of food, food debris and other debris as well as straw wrappers and single use packets around, on and under seating areas; restrooms observed to have debris from toilet tissue and liquids on floor; unpleasant smell observed in mens restroom; infant changing tables observed to have debris and build-up; ceiling vents over food prep and dish areas have heavy dust accumulation; hood vent system and screens observed to have heavy dust accumulation; tray for storage of utensils, prior to wrapping, contained food and other debris; dishwasher and surrounding wall observed to have heavy food debris; walls in dish area observed to have thick black accumulation.

Jumbo China Buffet, 2608 N. Sixth St.

One non-critical violation: lobby fountain machine observed to have brown build up

Two critical violations: no date marking present on refrigerated chicken, beef and pork; hand wash sink observed to have food build-up in drain

Violations corrected on site.

New Dragon 2000, 1109 S. 15th St.

Two non-critical violations: general cleaning of entire establishment needed; dust and cobwebs observed on walls and ceilings; soil and debris observed in window sills; freezers observed to be soiled with grey accumulation

Two critical violations: meat slicer observed to have food build-up; dish rack for drying dishes has build-up

Follow-up scheduled.

Dollar General Market No. 13711, 701 E. 11th St., Bicknell

Two non-critical violations: brown and red liquid accumulation observed in raw meat display; dust, produce debris accumulation observed to heavily cover produce display unit as well as fuzzy black and brown accumulation on backing of display and between and around shelving

One critical violation: avocado dip, ranch dip, creamer and cashew milk observed past expiration or sell by date.

Violations corrected.

Casey’s General Store No. 2581, 1102 N. Main St., Bicknell

Two non-critical violations: floor outside walk in cooler visibly and heavily soiled; displays in freezer for ice cream have sticky accumulation and are soiled

Two critical violations: sandwiches and ready to eat artichoke dip past use by date; bathroom cleaner and urine neutralizer observed in storage with cappuccino mix and coffee filters

Violations corrected.

Monical’s Pizza, 1813 Willow St.

Thirteen non-critical violations: serving utensils observed to be stored on the bottom of waitress freezer and exposed to soil and food debris; utensils for serving wings and knives stored improperly in sanitIzer water at 70 degrees; handles of all equipment observed to be heavily soiled; racks in waitress cooler observed to have dust and food accumulation; black and brown accumulation inside both ice scoop holders, soiled dishes found in storage with clean dishes; can opener blade and handle have food accumulation; two way doors past dish room soiled with food debris; inside of walk in cooler door heavily soiled with brown accumulation and food residue; prep table door came off hinges during inspection; rack inside prep table completely rusted; inside of prep table and door hinges heavily soiled with thick brown accumulation; dust accumulation found on lights and air vent in dough room; cooler in lobby for Pepsi observed to have foul smell; white grey and dark green accumulation inside unit

Four critical violations: items in refrigeration found to lack a date mark or have date marking either past expiration date or improperly marked; brown accumulation observed inside ice bin and inside lid; heavy dust accumulation on ice bin ventilation; no paper towels available at hand wash sink in dough room; hand wash sink in dough room has accumulation of food residue Inside and on faucets

Follow-up scheduled.

Dollar Tree No. 552, 636 Kimmell Road

Two non-critical violations: walk in freezer door observed to have ice build up on threshold and on plastic curtains; distressed food, from loss of cold temperatures in walk in freezer, not segregated from other food products

One critical violation: food in freezer observed to be stored on floor

Follow-up scheduled.

Huck’s No. 135, 1515 Washington Ave.

One non-critical violation: white fuzzy accumulation observed in walk in cooler on display racks

Four critical violations: chemical for cleaning coffee pots observed to be stored with sugar and creamer; white fuzzy substance observed to be accumulating inside self serve beef jerky display; tongs available for hot dogs and beef jerky observed to have accumulation of food debris; plumbing under coffee sink observed to be in disrepair and leaking onto lids for consumers

Follow-up inspection: general cleaning of kitchen equipment still beaded as well as ice cream freezer and deli case

Second follow-up inspection: violations corrected.

Huck’s No. 290, 1521 Hart St.

Three non-critical violations: beef jerky display has heavy dust accumulation and food debris; fountain machines observed to have dark accumulation around nozzles; refrigerators in kitchen observed to have food and insect debris accumulation

One critical violation: presence of pests observed

Follow-up inspection

Three non-critical violations: no hair restraints worn while preparing food; beef jerky display still has heavy dust accumulation; black accumulation still present on fountain machine

Two critical violations: no date marking on cooked and cooled chicken in refrigeration; sandwiches held past date mark.

Second follow-up inspection: Violations corrected. Fines assessed to establishment.

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