Skip the ham and turkey this Christmas

The long-anticipated Christmas holiday is nearly upon us. It conjures visions of happy families gathered by a warm fireplace, opening presents, sharing their love and ... feasting on ham and turkey. It’s the happiest time of the year, but not for the animals.

The 222 million turkeys killed in the U.S. this year were raised in crowded sheds filled with toxic fumes. At the tender age of 16 weeks, workers cut their throats and dumped them into boiling water to remove their feathers.

Mother pigs are crammed for life in tight metal crates. Their babies are torn away, mutilated without anesthesia, stuck into crowded pens for six months, then slaughtered for Christmas ham.

Consumers pay a heavy price too. Animal flesh is laced with saturated fats, cholesterol, hormones, pathogens, and antibiotics that elevate risk of chronic killer diseases.

This holiday season, let’s refuse to subsidize such wanton cruelty. Let’s choose from the large variety of plant-based meats, cheeses, ice creams, and milks that abound in every supermarket, along with nutritious fresh fruits and greens.

This year, let’s have a truly compassionate Christmas holiday, just as the Prince of Peace would counsel.


Pablo Cervantes, Vincennes

Thank you, team Vincennes

I grew up in Vincennes, moved away at 18, and was away 18 years.

In January, my husband and I moved our family to Vincennes. It has been an exceptionally odd and challenging year to enter into a community — both socially (COVID-19) and personally (newborn, new job, old homestead purchase).

As is, it’s been great exploring the community here, even though it’s always been “home.” The positive energy we see and feel in the various facets of Vincennes is beautiful, fun and contagious. We’ve managed to become acquainted and befriend some folks, and I’ve taken an interest in the energetic movement that is restoring this cool, old river town.

Thank you to everyone involved! The parks are in great shape, the Riverwalk is transformed and appealing, and downtown local business is hopping. So, I’m offering a big, grateful shout-out to team Vincennes: From the consumers to the businesses to the organizations and the renovators/ developers (I am excited for the Gimbel Corner transformation).


Your hard work, dedication to the community, and eye for the beauty in it all is seen and appreciated by this Vincennes native and momma.

It would be a privilege and joy, working alongside these folks, to serve with others beautifying green spaces. Growing plants and cultivating natural, functional beauty is a passion. Visions and ideas swirl my head as I drive and pedal my way through this river town. For now, I’m working on a big yard at the top of Wabash. Stop to say hi!

To team Vincennes: You guys are thumbs-up great. Thank you.

Katie Taylor, Vincennes

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