Country Club of Old Vincennes

Wednesday’s results

Pat Hulen-Bruce Tromley 61, Jack Kotter-Neil Sweigart 71

Bill Conner-John Minderman 66, Dale Biehl-Charlie Walker 69

Frank Kehl-Dennis Taylor 68, Bob Hunter-Rusty Thorne 70

Herschel Biehl-Dale Villani 68, Ron Deckard-John Miller 70

Jon Dever-Rick Marshall 69, John Clausman-Terry Mooney 72

Jim Bobe-Roy Schenk 70, Dave Fisher-Jack Mahoney 72

John Kiger-Gary Stiles 70, Darwin Lindsey-Norm Miller 76

Jack Hudson-Oying Carandang 72, Bob Crock-Marty Qualkenbush 74

Tom Johnson-Norm Williams 72, Joe Orr-Steve Bowman 76

Paul Couchenour-JM Vieck 72, Bob Tresslar-Chris Tresslar 76

Jim Laue-Tim Sutton 72, Leroy Daffron-Bill Primus 78

John Hidde-Dale Webster-Sid Garner 75

David Brown-Brad Oexmann 76, Bob Burton-Pat O’Toole 78


Country Club of Old Vincennes

Tuesday’s results

Jack Kotter-George Letts 64, Dave Fisher-Sid Garner 72

Dave Hanger-Noble Hanger 68, Dale Biehl-Herschel Biehl 72

Jack Hudson-Bob Hunter 69, Jim Bobe-Bill Catt 70

Tom Johnson-Frank Kehl 69, John Clausman-Paul Couchenour 72

Roy Schenk-Gary Stiles 70, Bill Primus-Marty Qualkenbush 73

Rusty Thorne-Neil Sweigart-Bob Tresslar 70, Doug Witt-Tom Woods-Francis Vieck 73

Norm Miller-Terry Mooney 71, Pat O’Toole-Joe Orr 74

Leroy Daffron-Wally Cullen 71, John Kiger-Jim Koontz 77

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