Xenia, Ill., couple are male, female winners at 13th annual event

After the 2018 version of TRY Knox County dealt with a lengthy weather delay, the 13th annual event went off without a hitch at Gregg Park on Sunday.

Cody Burnett improved his time from a year ago and successfully defended his male triathlon title, and his wife Alyssa Burnett joined him in the winner's circle as the female triathlon champion.

It's the first time that a married couple has won the TRY. The Burnetts, both of Xenia, Ill., saw significant decreases in their times, as did several others finishing near the top. Cody Burnett was a winner in 46.16.2, besting his winning time of a year ago of 47:00.6. Alyssa Burnett, a runner-up a year ago, finished Sunday in 52:30.6, over three minutes quicker than last year's mark.

Jason Luchtefeld of Robinson, Ill., was the second men's finisher, nearly five minutes behind Burnett, while Caleb Fell of Paducah, Ky., was third, 30 seconds behind Luchtefeld. A pair of Olney, Ill., competitors were second and third on the women's side. Kate Patterson was nearly two minutes behind Burnett at 54:18.2, and Leah Shan was over a minute behind her.

Though no rain or storms threatened the TRY on Sunday, the sky remained mostly overcast throughout the event, which helped counter the humid conditions that are typical this time of year.

“I'm so thankful we didn't have to contend with the weather this year,” TRY co-director Karen Lane said. “I received the all-clear radio message early (Sunday) morning, so I really didn't have to give (the weather) another thought.

“As always, we're grateful for the efforts of the Vincennes Parks Department for their involvement in this event. It's a perfect complement to their Fitness Initiative.”

Lane also noted that 129 were registered for the triathlon or duathlon, and that a personal highlight for her was getting to medal her daughter, Brianna Webb, who was a member of the winning women's triathlon team, Jenny and the Jets. Karen Winkles of Olney, who has been involved with the TRY in some form or another for many years, served as the Last to TRY.

Triathlon participants began with a 200-meter swim at Rainbow Beach Aquatics Center, then followed the biking route out of Gregg Park toward Old Highway 50 to Frichton and back, before trekking the 5K path around half the park, through the heights and Franklin Elementary and back.

Female age group winners for the triathlon were Kylie Osborne, Haubstadt, 19-and-under; Daniela Schurter, Oakland City, 20-24; Katie Vanhoy, Washington, 30-34; Kara Doyle, Vincennes, 35-39; Athena Benson, Vincennes, 40-44; Michelle Dellinger, Vincennes, 45-49; Debbie Elbrink, Evansville, 50-54; Carmen Horton, Vincennes, 55-59; and Cendy Joslin, Bicknell, 60-and-over.

Male age group triathlon winners were Josh Kramer, Haubstadt, 19-and-under; Joseph Bobe, Olney, Ill., 20-24; Tanner Hoke, Evansville, 25-29; Eric Stidman, Terre Haute, 30-34; Shane Voegerl, Evansville, 35-39; Luisito Sebastian, Newburgh, 40-44; Robert Fell, Paducah, Ky., 45-49; Doug Hortin, Albion, Ill., 50-54; Christopher Eubank, Olney, Ill., 55-59; Donald Berg, Prospect, Ky., 60-64; and John Ryder, Vincennes, 65-and-over.

Chad Goldsmith of Evansville was the male duathlon winner in 1:05.52, and Kamy Reese of Princeton was the female winner in 1:50.23.

“We are looking forward to TRY 2020 on June 14th (next year),” Lane said. “Our focus, as always, will be on building participation by helping people understand this event is possible with a bit of preparation. Also, our focus will be team building. For people who want to be involved in a smaller way, being a part of a team is a great alternative and is so much fun.”


Overall and age group winners in the 13th annual TRY Knox County at Gregg Park Sunday:


Male overall

1. Cody Burnett, Xenia, Ill., 46:16; 2. Jason Luchtefeld, Robinson, Ill., 51:05; Caleb Fell, Paducah, Ky., 51:35.

Female Overall

Alyssa Burnett, Xenia, Ill., 52:30; 2. Kate Patterson, Olney, Ill., 54:18; 3. Leah Shan, Olney, Ill., 55:37.

Male 19-and-under

1. Josh Kramer, Haubstadt, 59:59; 2. Zach Kirchoff, Monroe City, 1:04:32; 3. Ryan Smith, Olney, Ill., 1:08:53; 4. Cordell McCoy, Monroe City, 1:19:57.

Female 19-and-under

1. Kylie Osborne, Haubstadt, 1:09:35.

Male 20-24

1. Joseph Bobe, Olney, Ill., 1:03:36; 2. Cole Kirchoff, Monroe City, 1:04:35; 3. Louis Hoover, Fort Branch, 1:18:58.

Female 20-24

1. Daniela Schurter, Oakland City, 1:18:51.

Male 25-29

1. Tanner Hoke, Evansville, 1:20:50; 2. Joshua Jones, Vincennes, 1:24:00; 3. Matthew Mounlio, Haubstadt, 1:32:41.

Male 30-34

1. Eric Stidman, Terre Haute, 1:11:40; 2. Jon Lacky, Bridgeport, Ill., 1:17:20; 3. Matthew Goetz, Evansville, 1:50:42.

Female 30-34

1. Katie Vanhoy, Washington, 1:18:50.

Male 35-39

1. Shane Voegerl, Evansville, 1:03:20; 2. Brian Doyle, Vincennes, 1:15:41; 3. Jacob Jones, Vincennes, 1:26:56; 4. Travis Arvin, Evansville, 1:48:52.

Female 35-39

1. Kara Doyle, Vincennes, 1:03:03; 2. Andrea Holscher, Vincennes, 1:05:22; 3. Linzie Gafner, Vincennes, 1:11:21; 4. Renee Richardville, Vincennes, 1:12:31; 5. Sheri Faulkenberg, Westfield, 1:15:33; 6. Leah Gehring, Carmel, 1:15:37; 7. Terri Conley, Terre Haute, 1:18:55; 8. Amrita Khurana, Vincennes, 1:38:29.

Male 40-44

1. Luisito Sebastian, Newburgh, 58:54.

Female 40-44

1. Athena Benson, Vincennes, 1:05:46; 2. Rebecca Richardville, Palestine, Ill., 1:07:14.

Male 45-49

1. Robert Fell, Paducah, Ky., 57:38; 2. Chris Haaff, Woodstock, Ill., 59:06; 3. Aaron Schnelle, Vincennes, 1:05:11; 4. Baxter Dellinger, Vincennes, 1:10:10; 5. Christopher Majors, Paoli, 1:18:36; 6. Daniel Adams, Fort Branch, 1:26:32.

Female 45-49

1. Michelle Dellinger, Vincennes, 1:08:53; 2. Jenny Hortin, Albion, Ill., 1:08:56; 3. Marcy Hays, Vincennes, 1:15:15; 4. Kathy Jones, Vincennes, 1:18:50; 5. Crescent Devenport, Jackson, Mo., 1:23:18; 6. Lizabeth Hoover, Fort Branch, 1:24:07; 7. Susan Miller, Vincennes, 1:27:07; 8. Traci Letourneau, Loogootee, 1:30:55; 9. Windsong McCoy, Monroe City, 1:35:36.

Male 50-54

1. Doug Hortin, Albion, Ill., 54:06; 2. Dan Yochum, Bicknell, 1:07:02; 3. Larry McCoy, Monroe City, 1:23:45.

Female 50-54

1. Debbie Elbrink, Evansville, 1:15:08; 2. Denice Smith, Olney, Ill., 1:20:16; 3. Beth Robinson, Vincennes, 1:24:33; 4. Liz Jacqmain, Vincennes, 1:24:57; 5. Cindy Erdos, Lake Zurich, Ill., 1:47:33; 6. Natalie Graves, Vincennes, 1:47:49.

Male 55-59

1. Christopher Eubank, Olney, Ill., 57:44; 2. Mark Goodrich, Vincennes, 58:12; 3. Rob McLin, Bruceville, 1:04:26; 4. Kevin Meyer, Monroe City, 1:15:36; 5. Mark Devenport, Jackson, Mo., 1:16:02.

Female 55-59

1. Carmen Horton, Vincennes, 1:13:11; 2. Beth Jenkins, Richmond, Ky., 1:13:27; 3. Beth Shan, Noble, Ill., 1:15:55; 4. Laura DeBrock, Vincennes, 1:20:20; 5. Beth Meyer, Monroe City, 1:26:30.

Male 60-64

1. Donald Berg, Prospect, Ky., 1:04:15.

Female 60-64

1. Cendy Joslin, Bicknell, 1:15:38; 2. Phyllis Holscher, Monroe City, 1:16:01; 3. Mary Hazelman, Vincennes, 1:20:56; 4. Betsy Marchino, Bruceville, 1:24:48; 5. Marilyn Fulling, Palestine, Ill., 1:26:47.

Male 65-69

1. John Ryder, Vincennes, 1:07:23; 2. Mark Hill, Vincennes, 1:58:48.

Female Tri-Team

1. Jenny and the Jets, Bruceville, 1:00:39; 2. Las Tres Amigas, Monroe City, 1:10:52.

Male Tri-Team

1. Y's Guys, Washington, 54:57

Coed Tri-Team

1. Gin and Juice, Vincennes, 1:02:21; 2. Super Duo, 1:06:46; 3. Perrot Pedal Power, Bicknell, 1:42:46.

Family Tri-Team

1. The Three Musketeers, Vincennes, 1:19:31; 2. #TeamWalker, Mount Carmel, Ill., 1:31:35; 3. Henning, Odon, 1:47:12.


Male overall

1. Chad Goldsmith, Evansville, 1:05:52; 2. Alex Meyer, Haubstadt, 1:22:45; 3. Tom Kramer, Haubstadt, 1:22:51; 4. Mitch Wilkerson, Newburgh, 1:23:10; 5. Bill Davis, Vincennes, 1:33:33.

Female overall

1. Kamy Reese, Princeton, 1:50:20.

Male Team

1. Team Thomas, Evansville, 1:10:53.

Coed Team

1. Team Mykayla/Nolan, Vincennes, 1:26:21.

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